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Merger Acquisition Florida
Mergers and Acquisitions

Merge Your Business - Acquire an Operating Business

At Coldwell Banker Commercial Mergers & Acquisitions, we are dedicated to assisting both Buyers and Sellers of businesses across the United States. We can assist you from our office in Naples, FL or Salt Lake City, UT.

Merger Acquisition Florida We understand that the merger or acquisition of your business can be a complex process. That’s why having the strength and experience of Coldwell Banker Commercial M&A on your side can make all the difference. We understand the needs and concerns of both Buyers and Sellers and can effectively represent your interests when negotiating a business transaction.

Strategic and financial buyers are actively looking to acquire companies that are performing well.  Coldwell Banker’s, global marketing campaigns mean you get to pick the best buyer with the best terms and price. We continue to find high-quality strategic buyers for our sell-side clients.

In this time of global uncertainty, deals are still getting done. There are plenty of buyers with strong Balance Sheets looking to grow. The market is ripe for business owners to consider:

  • Creating a liquidity event and diversifying net worth.
  • Implementing exit strategies.
  • Pursuing growth opportunities with little to no personal risk.
  • Providing an ownership opportunity for key employees.
  • Participating in the upside of the company’s growth.

buy business

Merger Acquisition Florida


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